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Why Do Younger People Misunderstand The Elderly?

Reaching out to the ageing member of the community..

Why Do Younger People Misunderstand The Elderly?

Ask yourself what you see when you look at an elderly person. You may see someone whose hearing and eyesight are not as good as they were in the past, a person who moves slowly, or someone who is experiencing frailty or health issues. Next, ask yourself how you usually react to elderly persons. Perhaps you become frustrated, impatient, or even angry.

Natural aging does not change the fact that the person needs consideration, compassion, and caring. The older person needs connections to other people, and communication. The elderly man or woman needs respect, too.

The old person you are thinking of may be someone you only saw once today, someone you encounter occasionally when you are out doing errands, or even a member of your own family. Strangers, casual acquaintances, and loved ones all present opportunities to change an elderly person’s life for the better. You can show basic respect, include them in conversations, or make a new friend.

Isolation and health issues can both cause problems for elderly people. The individual you are thinking of may be depressed because he is lonely, worried about his life, or difficult to deal with because he is no longer as independent as he was when he was younger. Instead of judging him, take time to get to know him.

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