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The Old Person And His Life History

Reaching out to the ageing member of the community..

The Old Person And His Life History

The older a person is, the longer his life history. You may be amazed at the stories they can tell about themselves and their lives. You may want to salute or thank the old man who served his country in the military in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. He can be proud of his accomplishments when someone acknowledges them.

The old lady may have devoted her life to raising a family. By the time she is elderly, some of her children may have passed away. While these losses may be difficult to understand, it is enough to bring tears to your eyes. In contrast, she may have been one of the rare women in her generation who had a wonderful career. She is proud of what she has done with her life, even if it was decades in the past.

You may find other surprises in the elderly population, too. Perhaps the person who appears idle or tired enjoyed some degree of fame in the past. If he or she was a singer, a musician, an actor, or an artist, you can bring back wonderful memories by asking for an autograph.

The point to keep in mind is each person has a story, and there is no better way to acknowledge an old person’s life than by asking them to talk about it, be truly interested, and be a good listener.

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