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Need assessment survey

Reaching out to the ageing member of the community..

Need assessment survey/situation analysis and Justification of Ethel Foundation for the Aged

Upon request by Chengetanai Tamari and Dorothy Tafadzwa for the formation of a viable charitable foundation to continue the work of Ethel, a need assessment survey/situation analysis was conducted between March and May 2017 and targeted the following: (a) Iruma-Magutuni Community and Stakeholders of Religious Communities within Iruma-Magutuni Region. The results of the analysed data were as follows:

  1. Iruma-Magutuni Community’s View of the Foundation (n = 61)

The results of the data was analysed as follows:

i)          Appreciation of the Foundation

ii)         Viability of the Foundation

From the responses obtained, there was 96% accumulative overall appreciation of the proposed Foundation (59 respondents), with 4% (2 respondents) abstaining from taking any position. The respondents further indicated that they would recommend the Foundation to others because it is one of its kind in the region where ageing members often lack adequate support. On Viability of the Foundation, majority of the respondents interviewed, i.e., 54 out of 61 said that the Foundation will positively contribute to social transformation in the region and open up dialogue on respect for human dignity.