Less Privileged Elders Need Care & Meal Support

Less Privileged Elders Need Care & Meal Support

The less privileged elders need our love and care. This project will provide meal, medical care and recreation to 57 homeless old age persons. Every day we provide nutritious food to destitute elder, who are neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families not able to feed these older persons. Among 57 poor old age persons, some of them use to beg at neighbor houses, nearby locations to feed themselves. Our little contribution to the elderly make their world healthy and happiness.


The 200 neglected elderly persons are suffering with starvation, ill-health in our project area in Kinungi-Nakuru County and Tharaka nithi county. The age group of these older people is 65 to 80 years. Sometimes they used to beg on the streets to feed themselves. Their pathetic condition forced us to feed them with nutritious meals to keep them healthier. Most of them are having anemic problem due to lack of food and medical care. Most of them are not having home and sleeps at neighbor houses, school verandas, and community halls and at bus stop


This project solves the problem by providing every day nutritious meals and medical care to 57 elderly people on a weekly basis. We provide Vegetarian meal with egg, rasam, curd and vegetable curry. Such meal are easy to digest and healthy too. Their health condition of destitute elderly persons has been improved. we provide recreation facility. We ask them to share stories among themselves,so that they will feel that they are all one family. We also provide clothing & blankets to the destitute elderly person

Long-Term Impact

Ethel Foundation For The Aged will stop starvation among destitute elderly people in Tharaka nithi,Nakuru and Nairobi county informal settlements. The older people get timely nutritious food and medical care. Elderly persons living conditions & life span will increase. 57 old age persons able to eat nutritious food and medicines in time without depending on others. The perception of the community on caring old age people will build positively.

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