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Reaching out to the ageing member of the community..

Distribution of Modern Jikos at Kinungi-Naivasha

Modern jikos distribution to the needy elderly persons at Kinungi-Naivasha.The jikos were donated by HelpAge international.

Caring for the elderly in Kenya

Growing old is a life course that attracts different cultural attitudes across the world. In Kenya, an emerging area of health has set the pace for discussions on how to care for an ageing population. Health + Medicine editor Joy Wanja Muraya spoke to Lucy Maina about the challenges of geriatric care in Kenya. Sub-Saharan…
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“Before COVID -19 came to the States, I spent every other weekend with my grandmother and my great grandmother and now I can’t really visit at all…We miss her calling my name 100 times, eating popcorn, listening to the blues, movies, and of course take out…I have made it my business to have my mom…
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The Old Person And His Life History

The older a person is, the longer his life history. You may be amazed at the stories they can tell about themselves and their lives. You may want to salute or thank the old man who served his country in the military in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. He can be proud of his…
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Why Do Younger People Misunderstand The Elderly?

Ask yourself what you see when you look at an elderly person. You may see someone whose hearing and eyesight are not as good as they were in the past, a person who moves slowly, or someone who is experiencing frailty or health issues. Next, ask yourself how you usually react to elderly persons. Perhaps…
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Support Mental Health Services in Kenya.

Ethel Foundation For The Aged psychosocial interventions bridge the intergenerational and mental health treatment gap. Trained grandmothers called Ethel Foundation Elderly Counselors provide free and accessible mental health services, support and resources in their underserved communities. The services include mental health awareness raising, interpersonal counseling, group talk therapy, life skills building, referrals to specialists/hospitals or…
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Less Privileged Elders Need Care & Meal Support

The less privileged elders need our love and care. This project will provide meal, medical care and recreation to 57 homeless old age persons. Every day we provide nutritious food to destitute elder, who are neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families not able to feed these older persons. Among 57 poor old…
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Day of the older persons

Feeding the elderly with a message


Burial ceremony at Kisii county for brutal murder of an old woman on the ground of being a witch.

welcome event

Mr Wanjala with the pope representative in kenya