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How to Care for the Aged in the Community

Reaching out to the ageing member of the community..

How to Care for the Aged in the Community


How to Care for the Aged in the Community
The thought of getting old could have struck your mind at a given time. You wonder how life will be, will you be able to care for yourself, or how will you cope up? Well, some of us will be having kids or relatives who will offer care for the aged. Quite a number can be unlucky to wait for the mercy of the Good Samaritans of our time.
Let’s face the hard question; caring for the elderly is never an easy task. Statistically, the mortality rate in Kenya is at 41.91%; aging is a blessing. In as much as we will deny that age is catching up with us, the earlier we accept it and begin preparations towards it, the better.
Mother Teresa, in her words of wisdom, said, “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.” So, please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s break this puzzle.

Caring for the Elderly – The Inevitable Task
At one time in your lifetime, you will give attention to the aging parents, relatives, or elderly members of the community. How will you do it?
Remember, you were once a toddler, and your parents or guardian gave you the primary care every child requires. They are transitioning from being independent to dependent; it’s not easy at all.
At times the older people are not even related to you in a way. They are the members of your community, and you feel you need to fill a gap – giving back to the community. Filling the cavity of care for the aged is not a smooth ride, gear up to face it.

Furnish Homes
“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” ~ Jim Rohn.

If the elderly are at their homes, provide the necessities for them. Remember, no one yearns to be a burden to another. Do it willingly and whole-heartedly. If they are disabled in any way – crippled, buying a wheelchair can be the best gift for them.

Cleaning the homes can be a little way of appreciating them but the greatest in God’s kingdom. Besides, you can keep track of their well-being by closely monitoring them as well as catering for their expenses.

In cases where an older person is left alone in the village, hiring someone to look after them is the Love that Christ Jesus advocated for in his teachings. The elders, too, need companionship, which can be got when someone is around them.

Visiting the community often is the golden rule for care for the aged. They will be emotionally sound when you are with them. You can organize for plays or nature walk to give them a gesture that they are a valuable group in the community.

Provide Medication and safety

Regular exercises are known to keep diseases at bay as well as growing younger. When an older adult exercises, he or she will function 10 or 15 years younger. Therefore, the green light in care for these people is a constant exercise for health consciousness.

When sick, the medication prescribed for them should be adhered to. In as much as you will provide them with the necessary medicines, when they don’t subscribe to it, there are chances of them having side effects.

Being the old papa in the village, he will not mind about the drugs until you instill unto him the importance of taking the medication as indicated. To avoid mixing the medicines, label them up for ease of identification.

Ensure that your elderly neighbor in the community is safe at all times. If the homestead they are in poses a threat, moving them to a compassionate center like the church is a noble idea to keep them safe.

Be attached to their feelings

I talked to an old mama when I visited the suburbs during the festive seasons, and her sentiments were, “How I wish I gave birth to more than three children.” I wondered, but she further broke it into more exceptional pieces, “I would not be a loner like I am.”

Despite owning earthly wealth, she lacked the joy of companionship and attachment. Her children were all overseas at their designated workplaces. The 75-year-old mama only wanted someone she could talk to, joke with, laugh, share a meal with, and tell all her problems. Besides, she wanted someone to keep an eye on her every morning and at night.
“You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.” ~ Douglas MacArthur

Well, when we care for the aged, they need us to be close to them at all times. I managed to get a new friend whom I have to check on every morning and before retiring to bed.

Guide on Money Issues

Financial distress is one of the challenges amongst aging members of society. Being retirees, they can be living on limited cash or fixed budget. You can help the elderly feel better by:

Talk about financial management
If you are the breadwinner and shouldering the expense burden, it’s that time to have an open discussion in regards to monetary aspects.

Explain to them how much you are willing to offer them every time. From there, a discussion should arouse, seek their advice, and suggest what works best for you and strike a deal that suits both sides.

For elderly parents who had investments, you can help them make their will in the presence of the lawyer of their preference.

You can as well seek their guidance on matters finance as well as help them manage their property if they are no longer in a position to do so.

How to Care for the Aged in the Community – Wrapping Up

Andy Rooney says the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an older person.
Yes, material provision is not all the care for the aged need. They need the emotional, social, and psychological needs catered for to the maximum.

Be kind and understanding of their needs; they experience more frustration than you may be undergoing. They may be the energetic men and women who saw you grow up and are now ailing from different diseases. Perhaps, they can be beginning to lose body functions and memory, which is devastating.

  • You owe your community a lot, but this isn’t too much; can you just uplift the moods and spirits of the elderly? It’s your turn for this noble course of showing love and appreciation to the aged in society!

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